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January 2022 Newsletter


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January 2022 Newsletter

Dear Members,

As we enjoy a few more days of downtime before moving into 2022, we would like to wish you all a very Happy New Year to come, full of new adventures and many more shared francophile moments together. May international travel be easy and safe again - or just plain possible - and may screen time be balanced with enough in-person gatherings this year that our social life looks more - well - social.

In the meantime, we'll resume our virtual Zoom travels. This month, we're going to Corsica. The island was (not surprisingly) nicknamed the Isle of Beauty by the ancient Greeks for its sublime landscapes, but what is less known is that the homeland of Napoleon is also a land of turbulent history, marked by centuries of battles against the invading powers - first Italian, then French. The result is a nation with a strong freedom-loving identity best defined as the "Corsican spirit." Philippe Legris will tell us more about Corsica's fascinating history on January 21, 6pm, in "Corsica; Land of Freedom." But let's start the month from the beginning:

Le Café

Tuesday 4 January, 10am

Grab a cup of your morning drink, curl up in your favorite chair, and welcome the New Year with our virtual French Café.
In French. For members and aspiring members.

Hike in French

Sunday 9 January, 1pm

Still transitioning smoothly into the new year, we'll get up from the chair and take an easy peasy 2-mile loop around Shelley Lake in Raleigh. An opportunity to chit-chat and breathe in some wintery air. If the air is too wet, we'll reschedule.
In French. Free and open to all.

Apéro National

Tuesday 11 and Wednesday 12 January, 5:15 or 8:15pm.

Back to that curled up position for our monthly, long distance chat with AF members from all over the country. 
In French. For members only

Alphonse Mucha: Art Nouveau Visionary

Thursday 13 or Saturday 15, 1pm

Up for a real visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art? Welcome back! It's only been 2 years after all. We'll follow docent Diane Beckman for a guided tour of the Museum's Special Exhibition Alphonse Mucha, Art Nouveau Visionary. New year, new art; it all makes sense.
Because the group is limited to 5 participants, there are 2 dates to choose from : 12/13 & 12/15. The cost of the guided tour is sponsored by the Alliance. However participants should purchase their ticket for the special exhibition from the museum directly.
In French. For members only.


Friday 14 January, 5pm

Back to the chair. You know; your favorite one. Let's get in the mood for a relaxed weekend and practice some casual French conversation in the process. Unsure if you can speak French and relax at the same time? Here is a hint: it's Happy Hour and you don't have to drive anywhere.
In French. Open to all.

Contemplating French Immersion?

Saturday 15 January, 1pm

If you struggled trying to follow the conversation at the Apéro, you may be interested in an immersion program in France next summer. In this session, we will hear about 3 of the best immersion programs : Cavilam, Institut Français and AF Paris.
In English. For members only.

Club de Lecture

Tuesday 18 January, 2pm

This month's selection is the first part of "Ce que les étoiles doivent à la nuit" by Anne-Gaëlle Huon, a sequel to Les Demoiselles, which the Club discussed in October. Chair again. Or outdoors, gazing at the stars in the brisk night air for more ambiance.
In French. For members only.

Corsica : Land of Freedom

Friday 21 January, 6pm

January is the right time to plan our next vacation and Corsica looks like a perfectly valuable candidate. Until you hear about the so-called Corsican spirit, then it jumps right to the top of your list. Philippe Legris tells us more about the island, and what makes its history so incredibly inspiring.
In French. Open to all.


Saturday 22 January, 2pm

Up from the chair and straight to the pétanque court for some action. Well, action in one arm, mostly. The other arm may or may not be busy holding a glass of wine - the courts are located behind Wine Authorities after all. If you don't know how to play, no worries, members of Carolina Pétanque will teach you the ropes.
Bilingual. Open to all.


Friday 28 January, 5pm

The concept is simple; you watch a movie on Netflix and join us online for a discussion. This month's movie is the light comedy "L'Ascension - " The Climb - by Ludovic Bernard. A young man from the suburbs decides to climb Mt Everest to impress the girl he loves. It's about adventure and challenges. All good new year's stuff.
In French. For members.

Demystifying the French

Saturday 29 January, 1pm

4 guests share insights, perspectives, and experiences gathered over the course of many years of living, traveling, and/or working in France. Designed to help first time travelers "crack the code" of some of the maddening French mysteries...
In English. For members.

More details on events

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