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2022 Haiku Contest


...  and the winners are .... 


1st Place: Zachary Christman







Un Voyage Sans Personne

Ma vieille valise
Est à côté de la porte
Mon chien pleure doucement

Comments from the judges: 
Imagination and sensitivity are at the heart of the three winning Haikus.
In "Un Voyage sans personne," past an intriguing title, a sense of nostalgia floats around an old suitcase by the door. The dog crying softly adds a note of surprise and poignancy. The atmosphere is moving and rendered simply and efficiently.


2nd Place: Monica Logan







Des Visages

Un nouvel endroit
De nouveaux visages partout
Je cherche un ami

Comments from the judges: 
“Des Visages” captures the experience of being in a new place with a multitude of new faces out of which grows the need for just one friend - a secure relationship. Physical and emotional dimensions come into play.


3rd Place: Jeanette Simmons








Je vois et j'écoute

Les endroits dans mon esprit

Je voyage d'ici.

Comments from the judges: 
Two senses combine to explore a mental space which includes diverse places through which the “I” travels from one fixed spot, “ici.” Complexity and simplicity merge.


Congratulations to the Winners!
and many thanks to all who participated

Merci à nos juges!

Marguerite Le Clézio - French Instructor

Mary Roberts - French Instructor

Hélène Crié-Wiesner - Journalist