Remote French Classes

How to use Zoom?


The Alliance Française is now proud to offer remote French classes 

to all of our students enrolled in any class.

1. Quick Setup Guide

If you have never used Zoom before, or are having trouble connecting to a Zoom meeting, please visit this short setup guide.

This article provides step-by-step instructions with screenshot visual aids to walk you through the process. Zoom can be set up for PC and Mac, iOS and Android phones and tablets, web browsers like Chrome and Safari, and more. 

2. Wait for Class & Join the Meeting


Your teacher will send you an email invitation with a link to join the Zoom session. Simply click

on the link and follow the prompts to join the session.

3. Still Having Trouble?


Please contact us at (919) 985-3919

If you have any suggestions or feedback, you can also email the Alliance at

We have selected Zoom to provide the best classroom experience.


One of the great things about Zoom is that you, the student, are not required to create an account, and joining a meeting could not be easier. Zoom also enables your teacher to share with the class any type of document or video, and use a virtual whiteboard to write and draw.