Yoga en Français 

Every Friday

10:00 - 11:00am

Start your weekend in a zen mindset with Friday morning yoga!

This easy 1-hour yoga class is designed for real people of all shapes, ages and fitness levels.  No prior experience of yoga required. 


The class will be held primarily in French - but English may be used too, if necessary.

The first class is FREE.  Please find pricing information below for subsequent classes.

Location: 5510 Munford road, Raleigh

Day and Time: Check back with us in September 2019!

Price:   First class is FREE

After the first class

* Package of 6 classes:
$30 / member - that's $5 per class!

$60 / non-member.

           * Drop-ins: $10 / member, $20 /non-member

Bring your yoga mat!

or pay by check when you walk in