October Newsletter

Hello Members,

Everybody loves October. The morning air is crisp, the colors are spectacular and the smells are rich. Shorter days take us slowly but surely towards the holiday season, but not quite yet, and that's the beauty of it. You can feel the slight celebratory anticipation in the air, but you don’t have to do anything about it. Yet. This month at the Alliance, we're taking you to paradise. If you think there is no such thing on earth, you haven't taken a close look at .... Tahiti! The Tahiti archipelago - also called French Polynesia - includes 118 islands that all compete for most pristine waters, turquoise lagoons and friendliest people. Bora Bora was deemed 'the most beautiful island in the world' by author James Michener and 'the pearl of the Pacific' by James Cook, an 18th-century explorer. Moorea is a heart-shaped island covered with pineapples - sounds straight out of a fantasy novel - and Rangiroa offers a winery on top of a coral atoll - we could not make these things up. If you'd like to know more, don't miss these 2 virtual events: Tahiti: Between Tradition and Modernity by Philippe Pottier on October 15 at 2pm, and Mon Pays: Tahiti, with Aldo Tirao, live from Papeete, on October 22, 7pm.

Here is what else may take us a little closer to paradise this month:

Le Café Tuesday 5 October, 10am Everyone's picture of paradise is different. It may or may not include easy French conversation and a cup of coffee. Come and see for yourself. In French. Free and open to members and aspiring members. Sign up here Hike in French Sunday 10 October, 2pm Another way to enjoy paradise on earth is to hike in Umstead Park at a time trees set out their most spectacular show of the year. Talking is optional but if you'd like to practice your French while hiking, this is your chance. Your dog - on leash - will thank you for the opportunity. In French. For members Sign up here Apéro National Tuesday 12 and Wed.13 October, 5:15 or 8:15pm. Want more practice? Don't miss this opportunity to chat in French with AF members from all over the country. 2 days and times to choose from so as to accommodate all time zones and schedules. In French. For members Sign up here Proust Book Group Thursday 14 October, 5pm In this Book Group, you don’t choose the book, the book chooses you… The group is currently reading The Captive and the Fugitive in In Search of Lost Time, and new members can join at any time. The discussions are conducted in English, but participants can read the book in their preferred language. Organized by the Greenwich Proust Society and AF Greenwich. In English. Free and open to all. Sign up here Tahiti: Between Tradition and Modernity Friday 15 October, 2pm Back to paradise. Join Philippe Pottier for a heavenly visit to Tahiti and a discussion about its unique cultural blend of tradition and modernity. In French. Free and open to all. Sign up here Pétanque Game Saturday 16 October, 2pm Pétanque will take you straight to paradise too at the very moment your "boule" kisses the "cochonnet." If that has never happened to you, practice is the answer. Either way, come join us for some fun. Enlightenment comes when least expected, they say. Bilingual. Free and open to all Sign up here Club de Lecture Tuesday 12 October, 10am This month, the Club will discuss "La fractale des raviolis," by Pierre Raufast. A series of interlinked and inventive stories starting with .... poisoned raviolis. Another way to go straight to paradise, maybe - if you eat the raviolis. In French. For members and aspiring members. Sign up here Mon Pays: Tahiti Friday 22 Octobre, 7pm Native Tahitian Aldo Tirao will join us from Papeete to share his love for Polynesian cultures and languages. Your chance to learn a few words of Tahitian before your trip - real or imagined. In French. Free and open to all. Sign up here Ciné-Club Tuesday 26 October, 5pm. This month's film 'La Vie Scolaire' will take us to a Middle-School in a North Parisian suburb - nowhere close to paradise by any stretch of imagination. Sometimes we need contrast to redefine concepts that are out of this world. In French. For members and aspiring members. Sign up here Apéro Antivirus Friday 29 october, 5pm. Our last virtual get-together of the month. If you need new cocktail ideas, you may want to try kava, the Polynesian traditional liquor. It