July Newsletter

Hello Members,

You know it's July when you get up and the chair comes with you, someone once said, quite appropriately. They might have also mentioned running barefoot through the sprinklers and drinking out of the hose with the dog. As if Independence Day, Bastille Day and Chocolate Day weren't good enough reasons to love July, it so happens that July 1st is International Joke Day! That's a full day to show the world - the WHOLE world - how really funny you are. As a French cultural center we'd like to do our part and help you get started: Why do the French eat snails? – They don’t like fast food. After an explosion at a French cheese factory, all that was left was .... De Brie... What would you call the Eiffel Tower if it fell over? You guessed right: the I Fell Tower. Now that the first 24 hours of the month are taken care of, let's see what else there is to look forward to at the Alliance: Between America and Paris Wednesday 2 July, 2pm Author Diane Johnson talks about her new novel Lorna Mott Comes Home, a comedy of contemporary manners, (ex)marriages, and motherhood, about an American woman leaving her 20-year marriage to her French husband. In conversation with Pamela Druckerman. In English. For members. Sign up here Zoom Café Monday 5 July, 10am Le Café is definitely the right place to test your jokes...in French! Nothing better than a little challenge on a Monday morning. Free and open to members and aspiring members. Sign up here Château de Beloeil Tuesday 6 July, 11am The history lovers among us will enjoy a private tour of Château de Beloeil in Belgium. You'll meet the owners and learn about the fascinating history of the chateau. Time to dig out your ghost jokes. In French. Open to all, $10/household Sign up here Paris Without Her Friday 8 July, 7pm Devastated by the loss of his wife, writer Greg Curtis tries to break the spell by returning to the place he had the best and happiest times of his life: Paris. In English. For members. Sign up here Apéro National Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 June, 5:15 or 8:15pm. Don't miss this opportunity to practice your French and meet with AF members from all over the country. 2 days and 2 times to choose from. In French. For members. Sign up here French Barbecue Tuesday 13 July, 3pm Join Master Chef Jean-Louis Gerin LIVE FROM FRANCE for a French Barbecue demonstration in honor of Bastille Day. Jean-Louis will be cooking “en ville” from his idyllic village of Duingt, located on the Western shore of Lake Annecy. In English and French. $10 per screen/household Sign up here Learn to Play Pétanque Wednesday 14 July, 2-4pm What better way to celebrate Bastille Day than by playing a game of pétanque! On the very first courts of pétanque to open in Raleigh, nonetheless. No experience required, equipment provided. Bring water and a béret. Leave the baguette at home. Mild French cursing allowed. Instructions in both English and French. Open to all Sign up here Club de Lecture Tuesday 20 July, 10am Summer is when you finally have time for those books piling up on your night stand or in your Kindle library. Join us to discuss L'homme qui voulait être heureux by Laurent Gounelle. In French. For members. Sign up here L'Apéro Friday 23 July, 5pm. If you haven't yet exhausted your repertoire of French jokes, now is the time to join the apéro. After a couple of drinks, you'll find that any French word is quite hilarious indeed. In French. Free and open to all. Sign up here Ciné-Club Friday 30 July, 5pm This month's film "C'est quoi, cette famille?" will serve as a breath of fresh air in the middle of your sweltering summer. Join us and tell us what part you liked best. In French. For members. Sign up here Happy July to all!