April Newsletter

Dear Members,
Spring definitely feels different this year. Most of us are now staying at home, spending more time with those who share our lives. And there is the silver lining of finally having time for those many projects we had never gotten around to. For others, color coding your sock drawer or labeling the spice rack (in French?) was fun for a while. But when tackling the linen closet looks like the next BIG adventure, we realize the relative nature of time. Then there are those whose line of work is essential to the survival of us all. For them, these challenging times mean a lot of extra stress and risk taking. We would like to extend our deepest MERCIS to all of them. At the Alliance, we're humbly trying to carry out our mission and spread the French word remotely until we can do so in person again. After an initial trial period, our teachers have selected Zoom as the best videoconferencing tool for our purpose - thank you to our students who adapted quickly and contributed their experiences to the process. Classes The Spring Program starts on April 13th. Registration is open! As you know by now, all classes will be held remotely. Once our doors re-open, all classes will move back to their usual classrooms, whether in Raleigh or Chapel Hill. We will, however, offer the option of finishing the Program online for those who wish to do so. You will find information about classes, levels and registration here. In addition to General Classes, we offer 2 Specialty Classes: - Paris Arrondissements starting on Thursday 2 April, for 4 weeks; - Conversation resuming on Wednesday 8 April and ongoing afterwards. Events Consistent with social distancing guidelines, we'll socialize online this month. Tuesday 7 April, 10:30-11:30am Our traditional Welcome Café is temporarily renamed the Zoom Café. Open to all who would like to chit chat in French and manage to register on time to receive the Zoom link in their email box. Register here. Tuesday 14 April, 10-11am Le Club de Lecture is back! We will pick up where we left with "No et moi" by Delphine de Vigan. For members only. Sign up here to receive a Zoom invitation. In case you're unfamiliar with videoconferencing, you will find information about using Zoom here. We will conclude this newsletter with a video that seems to capture the general mood in places where staying home is now the rule. French singer Calogero wrote and posted the song a few days ago in honor of healthcare providers in these times of hardship. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGrX0UtekeQ Stay safe, sing along and zoom away! The Alliance Team.

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