Easy Cuisine

With Cathy Monnet

"Like most kids growing up in France, I've always seen the women in my family cook from scratch. 

My grandfather was passionate about his vegetable garden and taught me to appreciate

natural foods.  My other grandfather was a baker and taught me some of the secrets of his art".


Dress to Impress

Or how to impress your family with simple recipes that look grand on the table!

A weekly selection of VERY easy recipes in both French and English, delivered to your mail box during the pandemic.

Easy Cuisine Workshops

How about producing fabulous, homemade French food with little to NO STRESS?  If the idea appeals to you, join us for an Easy Cuisine workshop with Cathy!


Saturday 30 May, 2-4 pm:

The Secret of French Macarons

Macarons are a butter-creamed filled cookie sandwich that transport you to a cobbled street in Paris with one taste! They are magical, dainty, chic, stylish and delicious in equal measure. Rather than their Macaroon counterparts, French Macarons are made primarily with almond flour and sugar, making them naturally gluten free!   True to her philosophy, Cathy will teach you the secret to the quintessential macaron while using only natural ingredients and NO food coloring.

Cathy will make everyday French cuisine EASY for you!

  • Ingredients are mostly fresh, unprocessed, easy to find and easy on your wallet,

  • Recipes are customized so you have options to choose from, depending on the occasion, season, taste, dietary requirements etc,

  • Cooking techniques are simplified and menus streamlined,

  • You'll also get wine pairing recommendations that will make it even easier to impress your loved ones.


North Raleigh - address will be emailed upon registration


$40 for members $50 for non members

To attend this workshop you must be registered.  Click on 'Pay Online'  to register.

If you'd like to register by Mail,

mail your check to: 

Alliance Française of Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill

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