Corporate French Classes

Our step-by-step, comprehensive process is outcome-driven

Alliance Française de Raleigh will help you identify the specific French language needs of your business and the most cost-effective way to meet those needs. 

1. Through an initial consultation, we establish training goals based on the specific nature of your business and the contexts in which French will be used by your staff.

2. We assess the French language proficiency of your employees.


3. We then establish training parameters such as group or individual classes; in-class or distance learning; blended learning and timelines based on what is convenient and most cost effective for your organization.

4. Your employees receive a certification each time they complete a course level.  The Alliance Française certification is valid at any other Alliance Française chapter in the world.

Our language assessments consist of 2 parts:

  1. An Online Placement Test available here

  2. A 15-minute oral interview over the phone, Skype or face-to-face, depending on what is most convenient for your organization.

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