Tour de la Francophonie: La Belgique

Belgium is Hip!

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Wednesday 24 February

Join Caroline Leruth and find out why Belgium has never been so hip and why everyone should include it in their next trip to Europe!

"I ask him what the Belgians are like. "The Walloons are like French people, but nice, and the Flemish are like Dutch people, but soft," he tells me. "It's like all of the good bits about France and Holland with none of the attitude."


Tripping the Flight Fantastic

Sandwiched between Germany and France and modest in size as well as in its people’s personality, Belgium is often treated by the traveler as European "crossover country." A grave mistake, and not just because of fairytale medieval splendors like Bruges and Ghent, although Belgian cities in themselves would be more than enough to justify a visit.

For such a small country, Belgium has a staggering amount of historic sites, fine restaurants and diverse nature as well as a rich history and vibrant culture of art, music and cinema.  Luckily, people are slowly starting to realize Belgium is an underrated gem, and Brussels is finally being recognized as a hipper, cheaper and friendlier destination than many European capitals.

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Caroline Leruth was born in Tournai, a Walloon town located 15 minutes away from the French border, and 15 minutes from the Flemish  linguistic border.  Caroline  moved to Delaware to complete her graduate studies and returned to Belgium where she started her professional career with GlaxoSmithKline plc.  The company moved her and her family to the US in 2001, and more recently to North Carolina, where she holds the position of Director of Commercial Operations for the US market.

On 22 March 2016, Caroline found herself caught in the middle of a terrorist attack at Brussels airport  that will transform her life.  She describes her experience in her book "Attentat Aéroport Bruxelles."

Image by Jorge Fernández Salas